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...And I wouldn't mind if my name changed to Mrs. [entries|friends|calendar]

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soo [15 May 09 @ 05:24pm ]
so here i am again, writing after like 6 months or so...
i miss my boo..he doesnt care but i do :(
i wish he would come back and hug me, kiss me
im lost without him, i need him :(
*crying* james, just know that wherever you are, up to this day
i think of you before i sleep, and wish to be in your arms, feel your touch and
listen to the weird nioses you made,,i miss going to pet shops
and laying down in bed cuddling...i miss ur smile and your perfect teeth..
i love youuu, no one compares to you..in you i found myself...and youre gone..
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WOW [12 Nov 08 @ 12:10pm ]
Man, so people really don't go on this thing anymore huh? well anyway yeah things have been weird..ive lost friends and gained some more but not true friends! relationship wise...things are going to shit haha and yeah life is cool though.all i care about is that god gives me an opportunity to make many choices and survive through them..whether its the easy or hard way/wow im turning 21 on sat! yay i remeber i was 15 when i first got this thing haha wow time flys quick
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[22 Aug 05 @ 07:19pm ]
[ mood | sad ]

dang i havent updated in forever. but yeah these past couple of months ive been kinda sad and stuff because i broke some guys heart. i guess that in the end i ended up realizing how much i really liked him...and how i didnt value him. i feel really stupid and i know i deserve this...sorry i sound extremely emotional...but thats how i feel. if only he would at least answer my calls and not reject me things would be better. i hate how hes acting stupid...i know i did wrong...but my apology really meant something...my friends tell me that he doesnt care...but somehow i can get that through my head...wow i sound silly...oh well

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[31 Mar 05 @ 02:00pm ]
[ mood | crazy ]

here go some pics tht were taken this summer *good times*


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[30 Mar 05 @ 11:50am ]
[ mood | energetic ]

hey guys well i finally got some pics of me and my friends! hope u like them :)



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[29 Mar 05 @ 11:46am ]
[ mood | nervous ]

long time no update. skools boring cant wait to graduate!
EVERYONE support my friend Mike clinched_fist  who's in te band The Caine Mutiny!

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pictures... [25 Oct 04 @ 05:37pm ]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well i finally got some pics...yeah i cut my bangs ( i think i look funky though). I hope you guys like them!



fiveCollapse )

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[05 Oct 04 @ 08:14pm ]
[ mood | blah ]

dang i havent updated in the longest...i miss all of my lj friends. well so far school is super boring...ugh i hate it; but im glad i go to downey because i get to see michelle...and sometimes cynnie <33. Dang i can't believe im a senior...i feel so old haha. homecomings coming up and i think i might go..i hope. ill try to write more in this journal and post some pictures...and i really need a new icon..mine sucks already its so old. sorry guys if i haven't added you back but i will asap. dang on sunday i went to this show and it was so cool...i havent been to any shows lately so yeah i had a lot of fun. i think my friend monica found her soul mate lmao. but yeah by the end of the night my head started hurting because of all the smoke...those bastards lol. if anyone knows when the band Cut in silence is going to play next hit me up. k bye <3

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[17 Jul 04 @ 08:34pm ]
[ mood | hot ]

well im here at my friends cynnies house and its hot as hell. wow i havent updated in forever and i probably wont until i get the internet back at my new house. man i miss michelle so much i hope i see her soon :(  these past few days have been really fun..ive been hanging out with my bro a lot...but i will miss him since hes leaving to the air force. well imma go for a swim right now so ill update when i can. bye :)

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Friday [14 Jun 04 @ 08:29am ]
[ mood | awake ]

Friday was the last day of school as we all know; it was the best day of my week. I hung out with Cynnie and Marissa at my house and after we went to Marissa's. Later on that night we went to this show and it was really fun...I guess it was this bands first show and they did really good. I really had so much fun but then saturday and sunday came and it was so boring. On saturday my cousin came over and we just chilled at my house, and on Sunday i went to the mall and went to her house. Okay well here are some pictures i took on friday and two of them are stolen from Cynnie. Sorry lol.


..lets end it on thisCollapse )

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[10 Jun 04 @ 04:47pm ]
[ mood | confused ]

oojacquelineoo's LJ stalker is sumwut_tangible!
sumwut_tangible is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also deluded!

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haha this is lame but i thought it was pretty funny. I'm okay with Michelle being my stalker though lol jk tsss oh yeah haha. Well you try it to see who your "stalker" is.
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[27 May 04 @ 05:06pm ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Today for sixth period I went to tardy sweep with Marissathe_last_star and for the first time it was actually fun. We got to ride on those little cars looking like dorks but it was cool. We almost got Saturday school for lying and saying that this janitor guy named Pablo let us go to the restroom when he really didn't. We stayed in the restroom for like thirty minutes with Cynnie, but then she left because my friend said she would take her to class with an "excuse". Anyway, other than that my day was alright, although Michelle and Jessika ended up leaving beginning of lunch; haha bad girls. Okay well I'll post some pictures later on; promise. ♥


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hi [16 May 04 @ 06:56pm ]
[ mood | bored ]

hehe well this weekend was a dick. but friday was fun because I hung out with sexy cynnie! we had the best time ever. but other than that, the week was crap. it was boring. by the way NEW LAYOUT; it is old but new. haha okie im out...<33

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blah [26 Apr 04 @ 05:31pm ]
[ mood | pleased ]

This weekend was tight. Friday I went to this show; i don't know what it's called but a lot of hot guys were there <3. Saturday I was supposed to go to Randy's house to hang out with Berenice and Brigitte but I couldn't because my little brother was sick and I had to go buy medicne for him, but other than that it was fun. Sunday: church and after i went shopping and ate greasy food ...lol <3. And today was hot i was literally roasting my ass off it was like 100 degrees :(. Okay well here are some old pics i took some days ago, hope you like them.


Mireyda's pretty eye <33



...I don't think it can fadeCollapse )

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<333 [08 Apr 04 @ 08:59am ]
[ mood | hyper ]

Sorry guys I really haven't been updating lately. Spring break has been okay...yeah yeah I've been bored lol. I feel like going to the beach. But anyways life is great right now I am really happy. On Sunday I might go to Disneyland with my dad and my younger sister...gee I haven't seen her in the longest time. And on Saturday I hope I get to see Berenice and Brigitte..I miss those folks. Okay well i posted up two pictures; the first one I love; isn't that baby cute?



<333Collapse )

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Today [14 Mar 04 @ 08:06pm ]
[ mood | worried ]

Today was a good day. I didn't stay home all day and I at least went somewhere...no, not a fun place but better than home. First off I went to church, then I went to go eat at In N out, after that I went to that new Walmart in Norwalk...then to El Pollo loco. And now, I'm writing in here. I decided to make another new layout because I tend to get bored of my old ones...so yeah better get used to it haha. By the way, here are some pictures of a while ago; oh yeah and i just had to take a picture of the moon because it was looking cool. I hope you like them!!


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..new layout [02 Mar 04 @ 06:19pm ]
[ mood | cold ]

new layout...


tell me if you like it and also if you don't


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥...

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[28 Feb 04 @ 05:32pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday I went to go watch the movie Passion. So far that is one of the saddest movies I have watched in my life. Later that night Berenice, Brigitte and I went to a party, I'm not sure whose party but it was fun. I met a couple of people and saw Jen(she was looking hot like always). Today I might go to a show in Bellflower I hope its good and I don't get hit with all the moshing. I might post up pictures later when I get my batteries charged. Also I changed my layout tell me if you like and if you don't tell me as well hehe ok bye.

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[06 Feb 04 @ 09:30pm ]
[ mood | sad ]

so today i might not do anything since its already 9. hopefully tomorrow i do something exciting. sorry guys i have no pictures for you today..i haven't really been in the mood of taking any. school has been really weird lately I miss Michelle a lot and I can't wait to see her on tuesday so I can give her a big hug. I'm so excited about Valentines day although i don't have a Valentine...I'm just happy because my dad's gonna buy me some hersheys kisses like he always does. Today he got me a really nice bracelet with a guitar and a small duck on it that says i love you..i was really surprised that he bought it. oh well either way im still mad at him cuz hes still acting dumb on me. ok well ill update later guys! ♥♥

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[02 Feb 04 @ 04:13pm ]
[ mood | lazy ]

wow i havent updated this in a while. stupid computer got jacked up so i couldnt update. soo yeah today was the first day of the semester and I got psychology...crap I can already tell it's going to be boring in there and i have Ms. Attias..shes so weird. I'm so bored i made a new layout it's gay but i wanted to try something new. sorry guys no pictures today maybe later when im not feeling lazy bye.

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